My Work

Video – showreel and some of my works
Web – several different websites


My Showreel

Just in case you missed it on the home page.


video announcement for the event

G2 Review Validation Process

Video explainer


TV commercial

Rare Deseases Database

video explainer

DigiTalk podcast

Intro, lower-third, and outro

Law Office Video Presentation

Video based on my After Effects project


All the websites below are created in WordPress.
When the website is finished I can do regular maintenance and add the new posts/news/products etc.

Consum-tm.com – web presentation created with premium “The 7” WP theme.

YourDesignMagazine.com – an online magazine with a lot of resources for designers.
This is my personal project.

StoliceSrbija.rs – webshop with hundreds of simple and variable products based on totally free WP theme and plugins.
I’m so glad that my client has a profitable webshop.

Sweetnfit.rs – web shop with several products. Premium Divi theme.

AdvokatBecej.rs – presentation of the law office. Free WP theme and plugins.
This website is a great example of what can happen when a site owner starts writing a blog.
When a client asked me when his site would be at the top of Google search results, I told him that it depended on him the most.
He started writing blog posts on topics from his profession, and in about 6 months his website was at the top of Google search for very relevant keywords and keyphrases from his daily conversations with the clients and potential clients.

Fadip.rs – web presentation. Free WP theme and plugins.

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