Motion Graphics and Video Production

Custom videos from scratch and template based videos

Video making process

First, please let me know what kind of video you need, logo animation, company presentation, video explainer, movie trailer, sale video for tv or social media, etc.

Resolution, FPS, compression

If you’re not sure about the technical details like resolution, fps, and compression, I can help you with my suggestions.


A storyboard is a document that must exist. When we have it, our communication will be much easier. It doesn’t have to be perfect and look fancy. In most cases, from my experience, a shared google sheet is more than enough.

Custom vs. template-based

Video can be created:
– a custom from scratch – take more time and costs more
– template based – costs less and can be done very quickly
– a combination of custom video and template. For example, template-based logo animation followed by a video explainer.

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Logo Animation

Corporate video

Video Explainer

Videos For Social Media

Animated Infographics

TV and Live Video Streaming